A sound set of field recordings for Ear Meal
Photographs and video stills that spell the word "OH" 
Fireguide for Fire Station 128
There Here Now Then
(Some of) My Inheritance
Artwork commissioned by the LA County Fire 
Group Movement L.A.
Invisible Kitchen
Learning the art of Japanese synchronized group walking
Menus paying homage to under-represented eats, ingredients  and untold culinary stories
Synchronized group walking, intangible inheritances and
art for a fire station
Photographic 'how to' instructions on folding, counting,
and measuring with our hands
Café Kiss of the World
Kiss of the World Score for Ear Meal
Relief Café
Installation celebrating the mundane as cultural gold  
A video contemplating the power of time, travel and place
The "Homesick Café" menu comes to life in this pop up food stand   
A Tale of Fortunate Rest
Photos and video stills spell out the word "PAUSE"
Sound set of field recordings for Ear Meal