Homesick Café 
Grand Opening Now! In your mind and on your tastebuds 
From Ahmeh to Zushi Station 
Mind the Gap 
1,000 triangles for some peace 
The Other Lullaby 
A tutorial of simple Japanese phrases from A to Z  
6 people free associating from thought to thought, eyes closed 
Like 1,000 cranes, 1,000 grocery bags 
15 years later...
As it is said, to sing in another language is to possess another's soul
Everything Wrong 
M-Y-MANIFESTO Workshop & Fundraiser for South Central Farm 
Celebrating wrongness together  
We each have a spot within us that seeks change. Now is your chance to extract that truth within yourself. You have a manifesto to write!
Naruhodo! Za Wahrudo / Oh I see! The World 
Le'Rationale: Workshop in Empathy 
100 questions for Satan 
Everyone is a contestant in this 40 
minute un-subtitled episode of one of Japan's legendary 1980's travel quiz show. Amateur translators on hand
Explore the politics of empathy through 
group research, discussion, food preparation and other chores 
100 questions for Satan...

1,000 triangles for some peace


Based on the Japanese tradition of folding 1,000 cranes with well wishes for a sick, loved one, world peace, or in the hopes of getting into a desired school, 1,000 triangles for some peace, replaces the cranes with plastic grocery bags, folded into triangles (an efficient Japanese technique). The mundane and hurried task of storing away a grocery bag is elevated into a moment of calmness and creativity, and the ever over-flowing quantity of plastic bags manifest themselves meaningfully 1,000 times, like a mantra, like a prayer, for some kind of peace.