evening to share their love, admiration and works, inspired by the late great poet & pacifist June Jordan
Abdulla, a student and engineer from the U.A.E. talks
about his experience going through U.S. Homeland Security's newly implemented "Special Registration" ordinance for all Muslim males over the age of 16 from 25, mostly Arab countries
Words of love and resistance by poet June Jordan are passed down in a game of telephone
Só Danço Samba / Ue Wo Muite Arukou 
I Love You 
Cultural exchange through karaoke
6 people tell their friend they love her 
Self-portraiture and June Jordan
Take Back The Love: A June Jordan Celebration 
Around Special Registration 
California Telephone 
A group of artists gather one
All In Me 
By and By 
Embodying 11 TV heroines  
Reflections on the "L.A. River Temple Project" 
Fit In Room Piece #1-12 
from Los Angeles 
By the waterfall at Eaton Cayon - 7 times 
Fitting room self-portraits
Video postcards from LA
Students on a hike pose for a group
3CM (1997/1999)
Manga, memory and stereoscopes